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The Implantable Artificial Kidney Corporation was recently created as a means to further research and develop the artificial kidney invented by scientist/inventor/engineer Charles E. Jennings. It is our intention to take all the steps necessary to eventually gain FDA approval of the device. This will include fund raising, partnering with professionals within the academic, private, and scientific community both here and abroad.

Founders | Board of Directors | Officers


Founder | Chief Executive Officer (CEO) | President - Roland G. Ludlow

Mr. Ludlow has been in the business world for over 30 years. He is fully experienced in all aspects of business operations, marketing principals, and working with securities. He has owned and managed several companies, and has dealt both domestically and internationally with importing and exporting commodities and hard goods in eight countries, on five continents.

Mr. Ludlow has worked with scientists and academic leaders from prominent institutions such as Sea World, Marine World Africa USA, and the world famous San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research, formerly known as the Center of Reproduction of Endangered Species (CRES) at San Diego Zoo.

Earlier in his career he was executive producer for Tigerland Media Group LLC, and has a background in Film and TV with many credits to his name. Mr. Ludlow is an author and published writer for several national magazines, and a publisher member of (ASCAP), the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers.


Founder | Chief Information Officer (CIO) - Eugene Nikishev

Mr. Nikishev holds a Bachelor’s degree in computer science and is extremely experienced in all aspects of internet technology. He possesses over 18 years of hands on experience in his field. His work experience includes developing and supporting web production technologies, knowledge of many computer programing languages, front & back end development, database programming & ecommerce. He is able to efficiently work with a long list of software programs, website design programs, and social media environments. Mr. Nikishev is responsible for all aspects of disseminating corporate information, using technology from a wide array of platforms, as well as providing technical support. His skills are invaluable to our corporation, which will rely heavily on his knowledge to advance our mission.

He can be reached at nikishev@implantablekidney.com


Co-Founder | CFO | Secretary | Treasurer - Mike Wise

Mike Wise is a vision-driven senior executive with more than 20 year’s experience in business administration and accounting systems within multiple industries focusing on the design, implementation and management of operating procedures for startup and growth challenged companies.

Mr. Wise’s experience includes, but is not limited to, financial reporting, IT and telephony systems support, management of corporate risk, corporate tax preparation, SEC reporting processes, corporate operational procedures, and expansion of accounting and operating controls to facilitate corporate growth.

Additionally, Mike holds a real estate brokers license, and is experienced in residential real estate development. He can be reached at mwise@implantablekidney.com

Chistina White2

Co-Founder | Chief Design Officer (CDO) - Christina White

Ms. White is the executive in charge of our organization’s design initiatives. She is responsible for overseeing all design aspects of a company’s products and services, including prototype CAD drawings on Solid Works, and future updates of the current design. Other duties may include product design enhancements, package design, and aspects of advertising, marketing, and engineering. Ms. White has 13 years of experience using professional CAD software and over 20 years experience in marketing, and graphic arts. Her duties include producing 3D Modeling & Rapid Prototyping, 3D Renderings and Animations of parts and assemblies, and Mechanical Designing/Drafting.